Saturday, 5 January 2008

Shaina's Birthday Party

It's Shaina's birthday and we had a party for her at her place at United Nations Avenue. I came late, and after getting lost and getting picked up by Joyce and Michelle (thanks!), I was kinda forced to play Twister. I know I know.. I should not play it. But oh well, it's Shaina's birthday and apparently Twister's an entertaining game.. And I'm the entertainer.

Oh no.

^ Girlies in Joyce's car.

^ With Shaina and Evelyn.

^ With Aileen and Michelle.

Evil, evil Twister.

Faces of agony, torture, despair, and exhaustion.
(Not meant for ages 12 and below)

Ah then it was my turn. Oh no..

Ah the food was awesome.. *smiles*

^ Hand not included.

^ Thanks to Aileen for the two wonderful gift certificates for my favorite fast-food restaurant. That was super thoughtful of you!

^ LOL. Pick a finger please. =P

Well, I lost in Twister, so there was punishment. Either butt-spell Happy Birthday Shaina, or dance 'Crank That'. The choice is pretty obvious for me. *sigh* I get forced to dance AFTER Twister?? On video?? Hardly fair! But oh well, for fun's sake.

Happy birthday again Shaina!
Thanks Joyce, for picking me up with Michelle. LOL.
Thanks to Marshee for sending me home. =)



  1. so proud of you!!=)) good job dude!eaekt

  2. Ngek. I lost. =( Evelyn and Aileen are the Twister experts. I don't know how they do it. =(

  3. HAHAHA aww Jay nice impromptu dance =P now you make me miss you more and your wackiness...!

  4. Hey Sweetheart! I love your dance. That song is very popular here in the States.

    Hope we can go out dancing again like when you were a kid, Remember?

    I miss you & I love you -- MUM

  5. And your new friends look cool.

    Be good guys! Take care of my baby and teach him "good" Tagalog.

    Love you -- MUM

  6. Nikki: Yeah sis, you know I miss you too. LOL I can't believe you miss my unexpected and spur-of-the-moment funny stuff. =)

    Mum: Yeah I remember. But back then I didn't know how to dance. LOL. That song is super popular here too! If you watch the video, that's the exact same dance too. Yeah, my friends here are good to 'the Malaysian dude'. Hahaha..

  7. Hahaha of course I do =P they're part of what makes Jay Jay XD that sounds better said out loud rather than read lol.

    Like the new template, but I can't access comments from your main page...?

  8. I finally fixed the annoying missing comment thing. Sorry guys.