Sunday, 20 January 2008

Horse Ride + Samaritan

I've always been fascinated with the Philippine calesa, basically a small, horse-drawn carriage that operates in only certain places around the country. Last Friday, Gayle and I went to Gospel Church of Manila to attend a youth service, and fortunately enough, there was a man operating a horsie-ride to go there. It's quite a reasonably long ride, for 40 bucks. Plus it was way more comfortable than a side-car or a trike.

And on the way home, a nice thing happened.

Gayle uses the LRT, and I use the jeep home. On the way back, I was counting my exact money, 8 bucks, when I dropped 1 and I watched in horror as it rolled out of the jeep. Now I only have 7 bucks, and the minimum fare is 7.50. Now, talking to other people in the jeep makes people look at you like you're a criminal but I was desperate.. So I asked this girl next to me for a buck. Surprisingly, she gave me a coin. I felt so relieved when I paid. Now, she also said 'para' (means I wanna get off) at the same place that I go down at, and when I followed her down, people stared at me like I was gonna rob that girl. Anyway, I ran after her, and said "Miss, thanks for the coin".

When I see you again, unknown student, I will repay my debt. =)
Thanks for the coin.



  1. Whoa. That's really really nice of her! When you say 'jeep' I'm imagining those kind of all-terrain vehicles, but I have a feeling that's not what you mean here. What is it?

    Word verification: xbuliove. Hmm.

  2. Next time, have an extra in another pocket. Not all will help. Remember that...

    I love you

  3. God bless her... whew! =/

  4. Nikki: Hmm.. I have to get a picture and post it here. Then you'll know what I mean. =P They are kinda all-terrain. Manila roads are horrendous. They make Krokop 5 roads look like Bruneian highways.

    Mum: Aww.. I know. I'll remember. =)

    Gayle: I know! I bring more coins now. The jeep drivers prefer barya. =P

  5. since your still a student, you can ask for a student discount on jeeps. just tell them your a student. but only on weekdays, i think its 6 or 6.50.

    is it still implemented? i forget. hehehe but its great that someone helped you ^_^