Friday, 25 January 2008

For The Kids 2008

Charity event hosted by my school, De La Salle University Manila, for special kids. The For The Kids Foundation or the FTK 2008, is hosted by the COSCA of DLSU. *smiles* It's always a very rewarding experience to be able to spend time with special kids who probably never really had a fun day in their lives. Event was on the 20th of January, 2008.

Waiting for the event to start..

My kid, John Paul Santiago, otherwise known as Joven, age 8, and suffering from MR-Sp, which is Mental Retardation of Speech Capabilities. It means my little boy cannot form cohesive language skills at all. Total. *sigh*

Then during the mini-Olympics, my task was to basically make sure he had fun, and that he participates in his games and hopefully, to win stuff. Come on, they don't come any more competitive than me, so I made sure my little kid went home with some bling. =)

Some of the 600 volunteers from De La Salle at the school Central Plaza.

And an event won't be fun without friends. =)

And a rushed performance by some members of the La Salle Dance Company - Street. Watch out for DX's air chair and James' back flip. =)


  1. awww.. you did a good cause. *yay!*

  2. I am very proud of you. You did a good job Jay!

  3. Aww that was really sweet.

    I can't view the video, though. It says it's not there anymore =(

  4. Tabs: Yeah.. =)

    Mum: Thanks. I'm glad you are.

    Nikki: Thanks. =) I've been having problems with YouTube. Sometimes my video is there, and sometimes it isn't. =(