Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Schedule for 3rd Term SY 2007-2008

Wow.. What a hectic term this time out. Students have voted in favor of the 4-day school day, which means that on Fridays, there are no classes. Effectively a three day weekend. Sounds good..? Not quite. It just meant that now, our classes are crammed into four days only. It's grueling, as now, I have some classes ending 10 minutes before 6pm. It's crazy. Luckily for me, my subjects are pretty interesting this term.

English for Research
Personal Effectiveness

All pretty deep and geeky. It's kinda worrying that I'm not worrying about such worrisome subjects, but maybe that just means I'm geeky (and hopefully, deep too). No post about goal grades. As per Jason, I'll be working my butt off this term and try again for that ever-elusive Dean's List.

Blog post update:
When I got a 1.0 for Critical Thinking last term because I did not opt to buy out my grade, I talked to a classmate from that class and she told me that everyone else did. The grade she got? 4.0. That's almost perfect (or perfect).

Jason is annoyed. *grr*

Back on topic:
Looks like a good term. I'll probably gain weight too. It's a full academic load, and no sport. Boring Jay.



  1. We have the same grading system, I think one of our directors is from la salle.

    And you can make it into the Dean's List anytime! ^_^

    btw, new comment system of blogger
    type the word for verification,
    and the word for this comment is....
    its not even a word! hehehe

  2. Hey bro. Same grading..? What school is that? Mapua..? Dean's List is tough here man. When kids (with money to throw) kiss ass, some really unscrupulous profs take advantage. *sigh*
    Hey, ID merged with HOC. =D Scary eh? I amended your profile too. You're a HOC Specialist now. Congrats.

  3. Wow, ID and HOC? ID was already huge =P

    Your subjects sound really interesting, I wouldn't mind being an exchange student for a term and studying that XD

    You can do sports on Friday, Saturday and Sunday haha.

    Still proud of your 1.0 in CT, and I'm not being sarcastic.

    P.S. Check your gmail!

  4. Hi sis. Yeah they merged. And the scary thing is, everyone has great stats. Well anyway, thanks for being supportive. =) You're a really great sis. As for the email in my gmail, I sent it to my hotmail and I'll reply to you using that. =) Check your mail (whichever one I reply to).

  5. FATSSS!!!=P hahaha just kidding! well that's ok, we all know why they got a 4.0...tsss kapal ng muka right? anyway whatever =|

  6. Ngek. Grabe ka talaga. Alam ko na, ang taba ko. LOL. Yeah, I don't care about the grade na. As long as I don't have to repeat with the same prof.

  7. I came from Asia Pacific College, The building on the side of Skyway. hehe Your friends might now about it.

    Yup, nakita ko na yung profile ko. Cool nga e that HOC+ID. Actually I was in HOC even before I retired in DT hehehe on a different name that is. Thanks for looking after my account!

    Good luck on your new sem. I want a 3 day weekend break too!

  8. Pare, I want your account! Grabe, 300k pop, and all done manually. You're a DT legend man. =)

    LOL yeah, everyone wants a 3 day weekend. =P I know that college. I've passed it before. =)