Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Pat's Debut

Patmig turned 18 last weekend, and as per Filipino tradition, she has a debut, a coming-of-age party for females here (if you can afford it and you are allowed to have one). Held at a really snazzy place - Cafe Ysabel - in Greenhills. Since Pat's in my ENGLCOM block last term, naturally enough, the ENGLCOM gang was there. *grins*

Theme was Gossip Girls: Glam. Poor guys (us males).

^ Clockwise from lower left: Ria, Me, Pat, Angela.

^ Janille and Danielle.

^ The girls with Pat.

^ The boys with Pat.

^ With the girls.

^ We're all from ENGLCOM.

^ With JJ and Janille.

^ We just had to do that.

^ The couple and I.

^ Yummy...

^ Make a wish!

^ Mirror cam-whores.

^ With Keisha and Janille.

^ With JJ.

^ With Christian and another dude. I don't know him actually.. =(

^ That's not very kind. =(

^ We all went home with one! =)

Happy Birthday Pat!



  1. jay you're looking smaller by the day.... x makan ka..?

  2. Really..? Aku ada makan, tapi banyak berjalan sini. =/ Kadang kala, perlu naik 10 floors di building aku. Never mind, it's good exercise.