Thursday, 17 January 2008

B-Boy Returns

Well.. It's been almost 5 years since I stopped breakdancing. It's not that easy considering I hurt my back pretty badly one Monday in August, 2003. However, Nica and Aldz have been convincing me to try it out again, and just be more careful.. I guess I'll try to go back.. *smiles* Much thanks to Gayle and the Sirens for being supportive.. =)

Let's see.. This comeback started last week Tuesday, and I've gotten quite a lot of accomplishments. I have my shoulder stand still, one of my favorites. I've gotten the baby freeze pretty perfect so I kinda do the baby freeze to switch freeze, and Aldz is teaching me a baby freeze to switch freeze, to headstand, to Nike. The "to Nike" part is kinda hard.. =/ But I'll work on it. Headstand was learned in about 5 minutes. Thanks Nica. I still have very strong foundation moves like uprock, Brooklyn toprock, and floorwork (6 step is way easy).

What's the use of a comeback if I'm not gonna be doing anything new right? So I decided to pull myself together and go for gymnastics. The coach was a former Philippine Olympian (waaaaaayyy back) and he's a really good motivator. He knows about my injury, so we did lots of stretches and stuff. He was teaching handstands (perfect ones, not the 1 second stand + pose) and it was pretty cool. Holding it too long makes my cheeks all red and puffy though. =P The highlight of the day was when he taught back hands. A back hand is a back flip but your hands meet the floor first before your feet. It's hard I gotta say.. In the 2 hour session, I kinda learned it, but I still can't do it without a spotter. It's all fun though..

Thanks to Cha for going to the gymnastics class with me. =)
Thanks Dimples. =P

To-learn list by May, 2008:
Nike Pike
Switch Freeze to Headstand Invert
Turtle Freeze
Air Chair

It's gonna be a long 5 months..

In the words of the British SAS..
Who Dares, Wins. That's a good motto.



  1. Ooh, breakdancing again. Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. wow gymnastics.... that's awesome jay! be careful and try not to hurt yourself again k.. haha

  3. Nikki: Yeah, it's about time. =) 4 years away from it, I think I should really get back to my roots in dancing.

    Tabs: Thanks girl. I'll be careful. =)

  4. Jay, you know the kind of pain you went through plus all those hospital checks. Be sure you know what you're doing this time.

    I don't mind but it's better to be careful and heed some advice.

    Love you -- MUM

    PS // Hi Tabby! I'm sorry' been busy working. Take care of yourself girl. Aunty Maria

  5. I know mum. I'm very careful this time. I also tell that to the coaches so that they know what to ask me to do and how far to push me.

    Next time, chat with my friends in the chat box on the side. =)