Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Hi There Oh-Eight

Wow.. 2007 is gone. Dead and buried. So many things have happened in the past year. I've had so many memorable memories both in Malaysia and here in the Philippines. There are obviously more to come, but for this first post of 2008, so many memories need to be mentioned, in no particular order.

(The following format was used by Nikki in one of her posts. Hope you don't mind me copying it sis).

- Saturday afternoon practices for Sunday service, and we would all play ball afterwards, in the church court or in Boat Club.

- Long walks around Boat Club and the beach.

- Meeting you guys from Mondays to Thursdays and teaching you English, when you're all good but your parents all have so much faith in me.

- Making me dip my toes in the ocean when you know full well how uncomfortable I am with large bodies of water.

- Having you meet us in KLIA and the walks around Concorde Inn.

- Lunch excursions to 2020 (where we gorge on cheap food), Pujut 2 (best kolok mee ever), and Nagaliar (best nasi lemak hands down).

- Bringing you out on your birthday for a really crappy movie (I'm so sorry about that) and a really great conversation at Coffeebean.

- Graduating from Prime where I saw 8 generations of students graduate.

- All the sleep-overs where I would sleep on that pull-out bed under yours, and jamming in your room with nothing but your acoustic guitar and my voice which can only sing in G, D, and E. LOL.

- All the cheese omelets your mum made and contributed to my weight gain. *grins*

- Spending so much time at your house playing with the kids and getting stuffed with all the wonderful food you cook (how can I ever live without tasting your curry!) and with all the life lessons you impart on me in a matter-of-fact way.

- Going to the futsal center with all of you and checking if we brought enough money and seeing who has the latest boots.

- Going back to St. Co for one last time and taking a hell of a lot of pictures, which my friends here say makes it look like a resort school because of the many trees in the compound.

- MSN conversations with you, where you always make me laugh and get all sarcastic in a funny way. It really sucks you're in Australia.

- Having so many first with you here in Manila.

- Meeting you and asking to borrow your notes, and while waiting for the photocopy you tell me about your crew and asked if I'd like to meet them. Now I have you guys in Skittlez all because of that.

- Our laugh-trip adventures in your car where we just laugh with/at/because of each other, and I can never resist releasing venomous gas while the AC is on. *laughs*

- Deep conversations about life over a plateful of street food at my apartment with you.

- Going over your house and spending afternoons downloading materials for A-Levels.

- Your spaghetti (which I like) and your potato salad (oh God, not again). =P

- Watching DVDs in your pad and we'd all laugh at how scared two certain guys were at such not-scary scenes.

- Stressful four days of learning an entire choreography with all of you.

- Laughing as you had a hard time fitting all your 6'5 frame in my tiny bathroom. LOL.

- Looking in amazement as all of you dance insane choreography like it was nothing.. And still humble and accepting enough to take one such as me into the group.

- The first time you guys brought me to Warehouse 135 (where we never went again) and fell in love with Jaipur (which became our 2nd home).

- Gone with me to Harrison's where you managed to get my phone way cheaper from charming the sales guy. LOL.

- Going out with you guys for a night of fun when all of us were just brothers in DT, and have never met each other before.

- Sneaked me in your high school multiple times so that I can practice with your crew.

- Went to your house how many times for no better reason than to save your butt, because you never get scolded if you're with your friends, and that your dad has an awful memory about our escapades. *grins*

- Had fallouts and fights, but in the end we all still pulled through and delivered in Dagupan.

- All of you lining up the halls in Andrew Hall and SJ Walk saluting me and calling out 'Commander'. *blushes*

- Going to your house before A-Levels and cramming my head with facts about stuff that will probably not make me a millionaire.

- Racing around empty Miri roads in the Civic. We used to do it with your Mazda, until you lost the brakes while going down Tanjung Lobang and effectively ended our outings with that car. Ahaha..

- 11pm cravings which are solved by going out with you two to Pelita and getting some Penang kueh tiaw.

- Picking up your brother at 5pm, where we will spend the next hour cursing your Pajero for its broken AC, stuck windows, crunching gears, messy backseats, stinky seats, moving mirrors, and God knows what else is wrong with that clunker.

- Going to the Jazz Festival with all of you, and dancing the night away to some awesome music. I remember when you couldn't stop fawning over the sax player from the Cuban band. Hahaha.. And you took a picture of his butt.

- When you're not too busy, we would go out for breakfast at Grand Palace, or maybe dinner at Dynasty, Tanjung Seafood, or Taman Selera, where you would get allergies from eating too much butter prawns. *laughs*

- Our garage sale where we sold/gave away everything in preparation to move out. I miss that big bed I used to have.

- Crying my eyes out as I leave our baby with your friend, and probably never seeing her wag her tail again, or run around the back lawn chasing me and dirtying my clothes, or her barking when people walk at the back of the house. *sniffs* I miss you baby. I miss your annoying look at me when you don't want to go home just yet, but I need to go to school and you topple your water so that I will go back out and ruffle your thick creamy fur.

- Watching you look so busy in your desk, but in fact, pwning everyone in Zuma in the college, and I never got to beat your scores. *scoffs* I don't know how you can mark my Math and pwn me in Zuma at the same time.

- You laughing at me while I get all sweaty and scared (did I go pale?) when you wanted to ride the Ranger at Global Fun, and in the end it was me who enjoyed it, while you were screaming your butt off.

- In the ferris wheel with you, watching a lesbian couple make out. Darn. That was a little too much for me actually.

- You mean-ass buggers telling me 'baog' means 'busog'. Darn. So embarrassing!

- All of you laughing when you see the smile on my face when I see Jollibee. What's wrong with it??

- Going to Genting and freezing in the cable car while you two were hugging. Meh.

Ah.. 2007. Goodbye. I will miss you, but I have so many more things to look forward to! Hmm.. I should make resolutions. But that's for another day's post. =)

Cheers everyone. Happy New Year.



  1. I found the one for me! :D Yay! :D

  2. Very nice! I miss you more.

    AND you forgot "me" forcing you to pull my grey hair coz I wanted to rest. I miss that a lot!

    I miss Willie now.

    And I miss US being alone and just being Mum, and son, and friends, and everything in between... like fighting over my eating problems, and my busy schedule, and me and him ... I'm sorry about that.

    I love you.

  3. Nikki: LOL. *grins* Of course you would. Next time, I'll bring you for a better movie. Promise. Did you find the one for Eddie? Hahaha..

    Mum: Aww.. Yeah I forgot to add that one. I forgot it already! I guess you'll have to resort to hair dyes then. LOL. I miss you too. Love you loads. =)

  4. Wah. Jay, it's Nica not Nikki. Hahaha! XD Oh well! Hahaha. I'm using my google account so "nicole" is the name that comes up.

    --Nica :)

  5. LOL. Oops.. Usually it's my best friend who would be the only 'Nicole' here, so yeah. Haha.. Anyway, yeah yours was the notes thing. =) Thanks a lot Nica. This year's a big year for us Skittlez. Different flavors, different styles, but all in the same bag.

  6. well...ranger huh?? yabang!!=)) well anyway fun naman harhar i was screaming like hell grrr=))

  7. i think i found mine.
    and you make me smile too.

    happy new year, jase.

  8. Thanks Jay! I love you too. Do you know how to speak Tagalog now?

    Talk to you soon. Mahal kita....


  9. PS// I hope I can cook spaghetti and potato salad for you soon. I'll do that as soon as I can.

    Tell Tita mennen to just add oregano, basil and the sauces. For the potato salad -- potatoes (of course), chicken, raisins, pineapple and mayonnaise or light cream. Control the mayo or cream so that it's not too rich and make you 'fat' That's all.

    I hope I didn't embarrass you -- he he he

    Love you -- MUM

  10. Gayle: Yeah, the Ranger ride was insane! Remember how sweaty/scared I got? LOL. I can't believe I enjoyed it so super much!

    Kimbo: Come on, we have the best MSN conversations ever! Plus the 'jump hug' smileys you gave me rocks! Ahaha..

    Mum: Pwede na mag-Tagalog pero konti lang po. =) Aren't you happy your boy is a language-sponge? =) I can learn pretty quick! 4 languages this term, provided I do well in Spanish. Well, your spaghetti's different. Hers is way too oily and not enough beef. No oregano, no Philadelphia cheese, no nothing. *sigh*