Thursday, 31 January 2008

2 New Candies

The Skittlez Crew would like to introduce our two new members. =) God does provide, and after losing Kevin (pink) to academics and Matt (yellow) due to his graduating this term, we are blessed with 2 new additions to the crazy and wacky dancing candy bag known as the Skittlez Crew.

Introducing.. *drum rolls*

Brent Chua

Brent has taken on the vacant color of white, and he's definitely our most experienced dancer as yet. He was a member of the Sketchers Challenge Battle winners of Xavier High School's Dance-X (pronounce it slowly so that it won't sound as "done sex"). After losing our head choreographer Kevin, we suddenly have Brent, a formidable choreographer himself. Welcome to the candy bag!

Jessica Villena

The most recent addition, Jess, the maroon Skittle, just started hanging out with the crew and one day (since she's also a dancer) we just started introducing her as a Skittle. =) Much like the way I got in. LOL. She's not a krump dancer like our beloved yellow Skittle, but in keeping with the candy mentality, the more styles we have, the merrier. Welcome to the crew!


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