Monday, 14 May 2007

Mother's Day Special

Sunday, May 13th, was Mother's Day. What is Mother's Day? A day for mums to rest? To kick back? To relax? To hang loose and chill? Or is it to remember our mothers, and everything they've done for us? To honour them especially on this day? It might as well be all of the above. I celebrate Mother's Day for a simple reason.

From 2002, all my mum and I had was each other. Not to sound soppy, but yeah, it's pretty tough. Because of that though, we're pretty close. I guess that's why made this year's pretty special. 5 years, just her and I. She's a tough cookie. A beautiful one too.
For Mother's Day, I was glad she rested (she's a workaholic). I also got her a pink carnation. *smiles*


Happy Mother's Day mum.


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  1. I smiled, and laughed and cried and wept! I miss you Boy! Nice blog. Roger says HI! When are you visiting us?