Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Ah so as I've posted a while ago, we are the English Premier League Champions!

Our new young squad has gone through so much pressure, adversities, and sometimes really disappointing defeats, but the Red Devils prevail This season, for the first time in 4 years, we finally get back what is rightfully ours, the Premiership Trophy.

Eventhough our defense for the last two months has been horrendously ripped apart (lost captain and RB Gary Neville, CBs Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, and Mikael Sivestre, LB Patrice Evra, and the more often than not injured LB Gabi Heinze), we persevered over the money machine that is Chelsea. We did not have many strikers, especially with Saha injured. We had to rely on the back-from-injury Alan Smith and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the "Baby Faced Assassin". Roo had to play mostly as an attacking midfielder, yet, he still got in his lot of goals. Amazing team. *smiles*

How it was won? Simple. Here's the last three games for each club.

Manchester United vs
Manchester City
West Ham United

Chelsea vs
Manchester United
Bolton Wanderers

United was leading by 5 points. Theoretically, Chelsea can still beat United to the title provided United gained fewer points than Chelsea.

First game: Manchester United vs Manchester City
It was a tale of two penalties, and Ronaldo scored his, while Vassell of Man City saw his shot saved by our Dutch keeper, van der Sar. United now leads Chelsea by 8 points.

Second game: Chelsea vs Arsenal
Arsenal scores first, followed by an equaliser later on from Chelsea. 1-1 draw, meaning both clubs get 1 point out of the game. It means United are ahead by 7 points. United wins title.

Mathematically it's impossible. 2 games left, for a total of 6 points. United leads by 7. It doesn't even matter if we lose the next two games! *grins*
EPL Season 2006/2007 is ours. 20 players have scored for United. 83 goals scored. Conceded only 26. Most goals scored in extra time. One player (Ronaldo) has 23 goals so far in all competitions. With amazing stats like that, it's no wonder that Manchester United are the champions.

Glory Glory Man United!



  1. wanna find out one word that would send jason up the wall.. check this out.. A-R-S-E-N-A-L :D


  2. *ugh*

    Disgusting team. Refugee camp for Africans.