Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Annoying Things on Friendster

It's not only me. It's you too. Admit it, there are things on Friendster (assuming you use one) that annoy and bug the hell out of you. Here are my Top 10 pet peeves on Friendster.

1. Lala Pictures
You know darn well what I mean. These girls putting their cameras up above their heads and taking a pic. Result: Eyes like bugs, inflated cheeks, non-existent chins, dying-fish pouts, and my indefinite disgust.

2. Wimpy-Man Pictures
There's only one hard and fast rule if a guy is going to take pictures of himself shirtless: Thou shalt be shaped like a man. Nothing's more annoying than seeing stick-shaped guys flashing their scrawny frames on Friendster. *ergh*

3. 6482 Friends
There's no way on God's green Earth that you know all those people unless you're Paris Hilton. She doesn't know all the people in her MySpace you know; they watched the video.

4. About Nothing Me
The "About Me" box is there for a reason. Describe yourself, man! *grr*
I recently saw a profile where the "About Me" section has 3 words. "Dunno what write.". If you don't bloody know, don't bother! It's not cool, stupid.

5. Add Me Up
Why? So you could have the possibility of having an online paedophile stalking your friends list? Come on, know the person. Having 1000 friends on Friendster doesn't make you popular; it makes you desperate. Plus you don't have a real life.

6. Age: 86
Dude. Seriously.

7. X-Rated Shoutout
Maturity obviously never met these people. Especially those cursing religious/political/social icons. Oh well, some people were dropped as babies. Too bad the skull was hard.

8. Affili-what?
Affiliation = Religious/political/social organisation that one is involved in or a member of. Do not put your favorite cheesecake or your pet bird's name here. It shows 3 things. You know not what you write. You care not what you write. You are a numbskull.

Look here. That message was obviously not originally sent by Mr. Smith bla bla bla. If you do not forward the message, your love life will be fine! No bad luck for 15 years! I don't forward those stupid things, and look, the "love of my life" hasn't left me by midnight. Once again, human stupidity at its finest. Get a life.

10. Psychedelic Profiles
White background + Lime-green letters + Weird fonts does not equal to cool and trendy. You're obviously a sadistic, friendless person who does not want anyone to read anything legible in their profiles. Have I mentioned it's hell to the eyes too?

Okay, before you flame me, I know I'm annoying with the *bump* thingy, so yeah, suck it up. No one's perfect right? *grins*



  1. Ahahaha...you forgot the peace sign, too.

    I'm using facebook right now...my friend got me to sign up in it haha.

  2. I know. I saw the Invite. I didn't really like it. =/
    Yeah, the peace sign all the LaLas do. *ergh*

  3. Ohh hehe...I like it better than Friendster la. You can have groups and stuff.

  4. You have a Friendster account already bo. So just keep lah. =)

  5. my vain pics in friendtser does not count as LALA rightt??? RIGHT JASON????

  6. Well, after much checking, thinking, analysing, and scientific experimenting, it's concluded that your Friendster pictures...


    NOT LALA. *grins*

    You're much too hot to be a LaLa anyway.