Friday, 4 May 2007

Musical Night

Piasau Baptist Church Musical Night. First of its kind I think. Our music leader, Uncle Franco, has been wanting to have one. So last Monday, 30th April, 2007, we had one.

Initially, there were quite a lot of people who were interested to join. Then after a week, it trickled down to about 20 performances. Sound a lot? Not really. Most of the "performances" were from the kids. Piano recitals which lasted about 1 minute and 1 second each. *sigh* For some reason, I found it disappointing.

One of the most interesting performances was the first one. "Praise Exercise" they called it. It was really cute. (See below).

There were a few other performances, and it turned out that I was the only one who sang. *ergh* I wouldn't say it was embarassing, because I felt good about it, but rather, because no one else dared to take that risk. Anyway, I performed the song "Space in Between Us" with Ed as my guitarist. I was off-pitch at each start of the verse. *sighs again* The only positive was that I'm in tune and in key during later parts of verses and chorus. Here's Ed and I.

I had another performance, a funky instrumental with Leon and Teff. Being a silly forgetful dude like me, I forgot to ask Sam to take pics. *sighs again* Here's us though.

The most disappointing thing however, was the BS I got about having no winner. Apparently, no winners could be chosen because everyone's talent is unique. My BS radar almost exploded. I'm not saying I was going to win; I probably won't. The thing is, it's a lame excuse for not being able to find a good "Grand Prize". Why? Because the participants ranged from age 4 to 64. Darn. Everyone got carabiners, and mine's in a gay-blue color. =/

Conclusion? I was disappointed with Musical Night. Turnout wasn't great, not even 40 came to just watch. Performances were not as jaw-dropping as I expected, and most were half-a**ed. No better word than half-a**ed. =) The thing that irked me the most was that it's MUSICAL NIGHT, but no, since the theme was floral, you weren't going to get compliments or nice prizes if you didn't wear flowery clothes! *ergh* There was almost no point practicing and performing!




  1. Foo foo Jason. Well maybe it lacked proper planning. They should've set different categories etc. But I'm happy I was there. You get to really see how talented everyone is. I love that thing u did with the bass. Don't get 2 hear it much on Sundays :P

    BTW there was dis game det we played with the kids at the longhouse. A pair of cute twins about 4 yrs old kept sayin foo foo baa caa instead of Poor poor black cat wich was d name o d game.

    not satisfied wit dis musical night, u organize one lah

  2. Hey Jass.
    Thanks for the compliment. =) I played slap bass. It's supposed to be funky but it turned out to be semi-groovy + urban funk. Teff's awesome. =)

    I'm happy I was there too. =) You should have sang.

    Nah, I don't want to organize anything. I've been called too many names already. =)