Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Jazz Festival Pics

Jazz Festival Pictures

Lluis Coloma (with Lluis himself notably taking a break. Note empty piano).

David Gomes Jazz Sextet (He's on the piano).

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Revert's nearest to camera (with trombone + cap).

Habana Sax lead saxophone player.

Son2nos entertaining the crowd.

Son2nos guitarist. Most annoying performer.

Orak Naa Naa.

With the Lluis Coloma saxophone player (with the hard-on) *eww* He looks crazy.

With Kevin, sax player of The Dirty Dozen. Such a flirt with the girls.

With new friend Michelle.

Nadine, Evan, Rae, Irene, Me, Gen.

Me, Evan, Rae, Irene, Jaq, Nadine, Gen.

Hunny and I. =)


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