Tuesday, 8 May 2007

300's Insane Workout

I've been really into working out since June, 2006 since I (finally) realized that I'm, well, on the wrong side of the BMI scale. I've been consistently doing my weights routine + basketball (since last October) for cardio, and I've been getting really great results. *smiles* However, when I saw the movie 300, and the insanely buff guys in it, I felt pretty small. Then I found out what they did.

25 Pull Ups.
50 Deadlifts (135 lbs).
50 Jumps on 24-inch box.
50 Floor Wipers.
50 Push Ups.
50 Clean and Presses with 88 lbs kettleball.
25 Pull Ups.

They do it as a superset, which means no rest in between, for a total of 3 circuits daily. I almost fainted. I can do about 6-7 pull ups on a good day. Maybe lucky to get 30 squats at 90 lbs, and 15-16 hanging leg raises. The only thing I could complete was the push ups (personal best: 60). No wonder those guys had massive shoulders, cobblestone abs, and tree-like legs! Plus stuff like gymnast ring training and tyre flipping. Not car tyres, TRUCK tyres. *faints*

I clearly had to do another one, and I came up with my "100". Don't laugh, I know it's a lot easier.

20 Shoulder Presses
20 Squats (50 lbs)
10 Romanian Deadlifts (20 lbs)
10 Split Squats (50 lbs)
20 Push Ups
10 Side Bridges (each side)
10 Bicep Curls (each side)

I've been doing this for a week now. I do a total of 3 circuits, doing the 100 reps as a superset, resting 90 seconds between circuits. It's a really good workout in my opinion, and I'm proud to have designed it. I substitute some to do my "100 Human Torch" superset that seriously torches fat.

10 Bent-Over Piston Row (each side)
10 Side Scaption (each side)
20 Squats (50 lbs)
20 Upright Rows
20 Push Up Position Row (each side, the hardest of all)
10 Side Bridges (each side)
10 Push Ups

Superset, 3 circuits, 1 minute rest between each circuit. *grins* Looks easy? Go try it! I do this twice a week, two days' rest in between each session.

So there you have it. Try the 300 Workout if you dare! Ahaha..
Plus my own supersets.



  1. That 300 workout is super crazy la...haha...but I've already told you that =P

  2. Ahaha, yeah you have. =)

    So when are you going to work out? *grins*

  3. *pouts*

    I do want to...

    I just...forget.

    Or am lazy.


    Yes, as you can tell, I lack discipline =P

  4. No you don't. It's just that people are easily discouraged when they do not get the results they want in the time they want.

    My shoulders, for example, took about 4 months. =)