Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Useless College Degrees

As a recent graduate of International Relations, I often find myself questioning the value of my degree. In the words of one of our faculty, "You understand why conflicts happen. You know all the ways on how to prevent them theoretically. Then one day, a madman just f*cks everything up." HOW TRUE. At least, my degree taught me valuable research, writing, and critical thinking skills that apply to my current work.

So when I came across this Top Tenz site, I couldn't help but agree. Click the link for more details, but in a nutshell, these are the degrees (from tenth to first):

David Beckham Studies (the study of, OMFG, David Beckham)
(offered by Staffordshire University, UK)

Parapsychology (studying ghosts and the paranormal)
(offered by Coventry, Liverpool, Northampton, and Edinburgh Universities, respectively, among others)

PhD in Ufology (studying UFOs, post-grad)
(offered by Melbourne University)

The Phallus (studying the phallus and various phallic objects)
(offered by Occidental College)

Surfing Studies ("studying" surfing)
(offered by Plymouth University, UK and Southern Cross University, Australia)

Philosophy (philosophizing?)
(offered by various institutions around the world)

Queer Musicology (studying gayness and music science)
(offered by UCLA, USA)

Star Trek (studying.. Star Trek :|)
(offered by Georgetown University, USA)

Golf Management (LOL!)
(offered by University of Birmingham, UK and Florida Gulf Coast University, USA)

Art History (studying art history, duh)
(offered by various institutions around the world)

Some are downright dumb, some may be valuable. Make up your own mind! :)
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  1. LOL. Studying the phallus & various phallic objects, well I can see why that's an important course, seeing that 78% of men around the world are not exactly satisfied with their sizes. :D

  2. Then wouldn't studying phallic objects - most of which are significantly larger than human males' biological ones - make said males more insecure? ROFL

  3. That depends, I guess. If one sees the Washington Monument phallic & a cause of insecurity, I'd say they need help, something my psychiatrist would be happy to be of assistance. ROFLMFAO. :D

  4. At that, I have to agree LOL