Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tagaytay Escape

Seeking refuge from the busy life and working conditions here in Manila, I left for Tagaytay City, a highland city that is a pretty popular getaway destination for Manila residents such as myself. The famed Taal Volcano was also situated there, but I only stayed a night, so I didn't have the chance to really explore the place.

I stayed at a private villa belonging to the De La Salle Brothers. The view was sick, and since the villa was on a mountain-side, it was really chilly as well.

The La Salle Villa.

I didn't take pictures of my room, but I did of my simple breakfast earlier this morning.

View from my room.

The view from the outdoor porch was nothing short of breath-taking.

The La Salle villa conference room and chapel, respectively.

Right before leaving, lunch was served. Cream of crab and corn soup, fried tilapia, and chicken curry for lunch.

Then it was going-home-time :( I didn't have to particularly like it, but this just makes me want to go back to Tagaytay a lot more, and next time, I'm going to have a crack at that famous bulalo soup thing.

Thanks boss for the trip, and thanks DLSB for the accommodation!



  1. Love the place Jay!!I'm so glad you had a little time-off from the hectic city life.

    I love you - MUM