Thursday, 23 December 2010

Skittlez Crew - The Christmas Party

I thought that in our almost four years of existence, the crew needed a proper Christmas party. That means exchanging presents as well, and it turned out to be a big load of fun! I also surprised the crew with some official-looking certificates just to show them that the effort, time, and talent put into the crew was not lost on anyone.

We played two of our most popular private games, the Stop Dance Challenge (where we would dance a routine, but the music could cut off abruptly at any time, thus enabling us to spot who was off-beat, too fast, too slow, etc. You get the idea) and the Araneta Level Challenge (where we'd try to dance a routine in the most exaggerated form possible, assuming that since Araneta Coliseum was pretty big, it would take much more effort for a dance to be seen). HAHAHA!

Winners of the Stop-Dance and Araneta Challenges, respectively :)

Recognizing the behind-the-scenes contributions: music mixing, make-up and costume, as well as transport and logistics.

Our Most Improved Dancers of 2010: Rocky Estallo and Richard Ong. Both were part of our UAAP dance team, as well as our championship-winning Remix team. I'm very proud of these boys.

We conducted a vote a week before this, and it was tallied that the Best Choreography for 2010 was our piece on "Walking on a Dream". It was made by Cheng Ortaleza (our music mixer) and choreography pool members Paulo Buenaventura and Nicole Carlos. We used it for our Remix 2010 championship piece.

There were also more than fifteen members of the choreography pool that received individual certificates, but that's quite a bit to post. Haha.. We capped off the night doing what we do best: we battled each other :D

Skittlez Crew: One Love, CHYEAH! :D


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