Thursday, 30 December 2010

Increased Taxi Fare

According to the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), starting January 15, 2010:

The flag-down rate of taxis in Metro Manila will go up to P40 from P30, and the increments will go up to P3.50 from P2.50 per increment.

I bloody disagree.

As if we aren't already getting robbed by taxi drivers who insist on having "contractual fares", have faster-than-usual meters, or downright crappy meters that cheat the hell out of us private citizens.

I absolutely bloody disagree.

Source: 24 Oras News Report.



  1. Not only Taxi fare but also price every of daily commodity is increasing all over the world. Anyway, you blog looks nice.

  2. Thanks for the comment :)
    Well, taxi fares affect a lot of people here in the metro because more often than not, cabs are the most convenient way of moving around. Not anymore financially speaking next year though :(

  3. Just watched the news, says increase in flagdown rate includes only those taxis that have meters issuing receipts. Never encountered one of those before, just those who like to have it in an "agreement."

  4. Actually, this year we were supposed to have those fancy new meters that issued receipts. Then again, I actually don't see the point of having receipts from cabs.. Something to tax them with I suppose? LOL.

  5. I totally agree! I mean, some of them rip us off already with the gadgets they use to increase the price in the meter and then the flagdown rate pa. UGH.

    I've ridden in cabs with meters issuing receipts. I see them get printed but when I asked for a copy he said he needed it daw for documentation. psh.

  6. Thanks for the comment, Mimi!

    That's just total BS; those receipts are supposed to have electronic copies precisely for their documentation. I understand that cabbies need to make a living too, but seriously, some of them push the boundaries of "profit" a little too much!

    Psh indeed!