Tuesday, 12 May 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

While the above poster was not the official movie poster, I just love how the light catches Wolverine's trademark claws.

Any X-Men comic fan would know who Wolverine is, being one of the most recognizable characters in the decades-old series, and for him to get his own movie was simply fantastic. It is definitely one of the best X-Men movies to come out.

Hugh Jackman was stellar playing Wolverine, and he embodied the gritty carry-a-big-stick persona pretty well. His portrayal was excellent, and it's good to see him actually behave like the comic book Wolverine (with that dry sense of humor).

Special effects was top notch (who can forget Agent Zero's gate gun play, and Deadpool's "house keeping"?). Insane CGI, and very realistic action scenes. Such a shame that Gambit's part wasn't developed much, but then again, this is Wolverine's movie.

It was interesting to see how certain characters were introduced (like Cyclops and Professor X), which should really shed some light on how X-Men came about. The plot development and time line of Wolverine's life was rather linear, but it is about his origins, so that's alright.

A must-see for X-Men fans, and a very good movie to see even if you're not.



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