Sunday, 17 May 2009

12 Rounds

Let's get this straight, I have nothing against John Cena. Thing is, roles that require him to show even a little bit of affection comes as awkward, and doesn't really suit him in this movie.

In terms of plot, it was the typical bad-guy-comes-back-for-revenge storyline that I have seen far too many times. A typical damsel in distress flick, Ashley Scott didn't really have to act, as the vast duration of the film involved Cena trying to beat a sick (sadistic sick, not ill sick) criminal in a series of 'tasks'. I personally thought the task thing was a little lame.

Action-wise, it's not too bad. Good enough gore and violence (falling down a lift shaft, anyone?) for an action movie. Cena just looks so awkward trying to show some emotion. Predictable last third also.

Very forgettable movie, definitely not one of the better flicks this summer.



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