Monday, 25 May 2009

Baguio Day 1

Day 1 of our Baguio Adventure.

| The Cathedral |

We visited the famed Baguio Cathedral located at pretty much the town center. Its spires (for lack of a better term) can be seen pretty much everywhere around town, and are good way points should one ever get lost. :)



Prayer candles for the family.

| Burnham Park Boating |

We also decided to go to nearby Burnham Park and walk around. We were torn between cycling and boating, and since I am less-than-adept at the necessary skills needed to successfully man a bipedal, two-wheeled machine, we decided to go boating. We picked a swan-shaped pedal boat, and had a blast at the small man-made lake at the park.

| SM Baguio |

After boating, we visited the one large mall in Baguio City, SM Baguio. We went to the very top, and snapped some scenic pictures of the Pine City.

| Souvenir Shops |

Baguio is definitely one of those tourist cities where souvenir shops are just everywhere. The cool thing was that a customer can always haggle for a cheaper price. I didn't do too badly at haggling (in fact, I received a discount for everything I bought!) because I simply refused to buy something if I wasn't going to be given any sort of discount. :P These souvenir shops are near SM Baguio.

The people of Baguio seem to have this fascination about anything resembling the male phallus. Every souvenir shop sells key chains, necklaces, or decorations with the penis prominently featured. Here is one rather sizable example.

More to come in the following posts!


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