Saturday, 2 May 2009

Trinoma Outing

Gayle and I went to Trinoma Mall (my first time there), and it's a pretty decent place. Lots of good Adidas and Puma stuff, usually unavailable in the branches in Manila/Makati. We also watched X-Men: Wolverine.

Lunch at Slammer.

Dinner at Taco Bell.

Taking pictures together. :)

Holding hands. :D

Looking at you. <3

Going to go back there once I saved up enough for a new pair of Adidas training shoes. :D Fell in love with a pair, and I'll get a P1000 discount! :D



  1. awwwww :D hugs!

    imma go back there too! :p
    hopefully when we go there again i have enough moolah to buy the mid-cut adidas kicks. ;p

    and remember we REALLY have to go back to trinoma... green hoody from adidas? *wink*

  2. Yeah. :) Thank you!! :D