Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Books Galore

Okay, I splurged. :P But no worries, it's a cheap splurge, because I have discovered buried and hidden treasures in a second-hand bookstore in Robinson's Place Ermita. The shop is called Booksale (ground floor, across Mercury Drug and quite near to Dairy Queen), and they carry some really good titles for obscenely low prices.

The financial damage was not very great at all, and my large bookshelf is increasingly looking small. :P Good thing I bought a new study table with a bookcase (Blims has the best furniture in Manila, I swear) and I will post some pictures either later today or perhaps tomorrow. Still arranging it. :)

Timeline by Michael Crichton. As many of you probably know, I'm a fanatic of Crichton's works, and this is my eight Crichton novel. Bought the paperback edition for only $2.00. :P

Next by Michael Crichton. This was a hardbound copy, and guess how much I got it for? $1.50. ROFL! This is 'bargain' defined.

Gai-Jin by James Clavell. Hardbound copy as well, for only $3.50. Amazing. It's a pretty large tome, and I'm a little intimidated to start reading it. :P

White by Christopher Whitcomb. Bought this because I have Black (the prequel to this novel), and since it was only $1.70, what the hell.

I found a hardbound copy of Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy (I already have the paperback edition) but when I came back to the store it was gone, hence why I bought Gai-Jin. I will probably visit Booksale at least once a week, since most of their books are in excellent conditions. Next and Gai-Jin both look like they're brand new. Good for me. :D



  1. *GASPS* I should go to that bookstore. My dad nearly killed me for hoarding the bookstore a few days ago. haha! nerd, much?

    I'm a fan of crichton too. I just finished 'next' about two or three weeks ago. it's helluva good book.


  2. LOL I think you're one of the very few people who spend more than I do on books. :P I wish I had the amount you seem to have though. :P

    Yeah, you should really try. Of course, you have to be patient in digging a little, but the little treasures are way worth the time and effort. :)

    Next is one of his best, I have to agree. Sphere and State of Fear are his best, hands down. Go get them. :)

  3. i don't know if my comment went in the first time so i'll do this again.. O_o

    i have a copy of state of fear but I haven't read it. i was planning to read the terminal man first. and as well as other books by other authors. haha!

  4. NOOO!! :P

    Read State of Fear first! :D I am actually thinking of getting the International Studies department to make State of Fear a reading material for IS majors. :P It's that good and relevant.

  5. I forgot what 'State of Fear' and 'Next' are about, but I think I wasn't impressed with one of them. The global warming one. I found that a bit dull.

    Second-hand bookstores for the win! They're usually in pretty good condition and some of them even look brand new! Plus they're cheap.

  6. Hey, State of Fear was the global warming one! *grr* I can't believe you find that dull! Oh well, we do have our differences. :P

    Reynolds has a new book in the Revelation Space series. Going crazy looking for it. It's the fifth and final book.

    Haha my Next and Gai-Jin hard bounds are in bookstore conditions. :D

  7. I like action/adventure stuff! Blek haha. I did like 'Prey'. Have you read it? I think it's 'Prey' that I liked. With the black cloud. That one's pretty good.

    Ooh, what's the title of the new Alastair Reynold's novel?

  8. I have Prey. I got it from the second-hand bookstore as well. It's alright, a little creepy for my liking. :P

    I can't quite remember. :P But if it's not the other four, then that's the one. :D

  9. It's alright, a little creepy for my liking. :PHaha. It's creepy but really awesome?

    Word: efommend

  10. Oh, you know how much I love Crichton's works. :) We science-people can't help it, admit it. :D

    Oh, my thesis research professor is a PhD from Exeter University! It's awesome to talk to a lecturer who's British-educated. They get me. :P Even my 'weird' spelling. :)

    Word: nonsing. LOL. (I am logged off).