Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Monsters vs Aliens

So Gayle and I bought a DVD of this movie, and this was what happened.

I fell asleep after about a third of the movie.
Gayle went online and did some paperwork.

The movie ended. She wakes me up.

Enough said.

Easily the most boring CGI movie I have ever seen.
Special effects were very impressive though, especially in the opening scene where the two space nerds track the meteorite. I like the CGI burger.




  1. I quite liked this movie XD

    But then again, I was watching it in 3D, so I had pretty 3D effects to wow me XD

  2. Haha I have no complaints about the CGI, but really, the storyline bored me to death (almost literally).

    Well, I guess some things we can never agree on. :P Like Harry Potter. ROFL.

  3. Haha I agree the storyline wasn't the greatest. The only reason I went to watch it was because of the 3D effects XD I'm so easy to please hahaha!

    'Harry Potter' is good!

  4. ROFL. Okay, so you'd watch any movie as long as it's in 3D. :P

    Um. Okay, let's not continue our 5-year disagreement on Harry Potter here. :P

  5. ROFL. I can't do it. :P

  6. Watch any random movie because it's 3D. :P

  7. Hey Jay. Napanood mo na ba yung Angels and demons? I liked it a lot better than The Da Vinci Code. This time I think Ron Howard wanted to make up for the lameness. Looking forward to hear your thoughts! HAHA!

  8. Watched it yesterday. :)

    It's a good stand-alone movie, but for someone who has actually read the book four times (yeah, I kinda like it :P) it was a bitter disappointment.

    I'll blog on it tomorrow or when I'm free. :)