Monday, 25 May 2009

Baguio Day 2

Day 2 of our Baguio Adventure (Part 1).

| Baguio City Market |

We spent basically the whole morning at Baguio City Market, located near the middle of the city, and ten minutes on foot from our hotel. No price is fixed price here, and bargaining is the order of the day.

| Mine's View |

I am not too sure where the founders of Baguio came up with "Mine's", but this is supposedly a high point where one can enjoy the majestic spread of the Baguio Highlands. There are also a lot of tourist attractions like the posing St. Bernard dogs, dress-up as an Igurot tribesman, and enjoy a cup of strawberry-flavored soy drink (known to locals as taho).

St. Bernard dogs.

View from the peak.

Strawberry taho. Delicious!

Igurot tribal costume. I kinda enjoyed this the most. :P

| The Mansion |

The official summer residence of Philippine Presidents. The compound is huge, and most of the shots I took are zoomed in pretty far. I wanted a picture with the guard, but "for national security purposes" he wasn't allowed to. B.S. He just wasn't photogenic, that's all. ROFL.

And that concludes Part 1. :D



  1. I wanted to read the sign but it wasn't in English =(

    When you go to historical sites or museums, do you take a picture of the interesting object and then the sign saying what it is (along with interesting info)? Hee. Coz I do. Even when I'm in a castle and there's a sign saying, "This is the ______ which was used for _______." Or: "In medieval times, they ate ______."


  2. Of course I do that. :P You know me. Hahaha..

    Aww, do you want a translation?

  3. Yayy. Haha. We both do that =P

    I would very much like a translation please!

    Also, I am now in Miri! Whoo! I just had roti canai for lunch! Teehee.

    Word: noltiest

  4. I am officially jealous. Will translate when my Internet is back online. :) Storm here.

  5. Ya puan/kakak. :P

    It's deep Tagalog so I shall try my very best, and use my deductive skills as much as possible.

    "Built by William Cameron Forbes for the honor of William E. Parsons, 1908, as part of the Burnham Plan of Baguio and the City Beautiful Movement. This was where the Special Session of the Second Legislature of the Philippines was held, 1910. The liberation was destroyed at that time, 1945. Repaired, 1947. This was where the Second meeting of the UN Economic Commission of Asia and the Far East (ECAFE) was held, 1947; UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 1948; and the first meeting of the Southeast Asian Union (SEAU) which was also known as the Baguio Conference of 1950. This is also the vacation home of American Governor-Generals, 1908-1935 and of the Presidents of the Philippines starting with Manual L. Quezon up to today."

    That was exhausting. You owe me. :P

  6. You're welcome, sis. :) A pot of nice, hot English Breakfast tea next time we're at Coffee Bean okay. :D