Monday, 22 December 2008


It is, without a doubt, the emptiest, most meaningless, least practical, and most useless pagan tradition adopted by Christianity, and then commercialized by capitalism.

Then again, most 'traditions' have been commercialized.

Have a "Merry" Christmas, everyone.
After you've had your fun, have a good think where your lives are going.

And please stop re-telling the lie Christmas has become to your children. How about you teach them basic work ethics, manners, and good values instead? Do the planet a favor, leeches.



  1. even with all the going on's, i hope you have a quiet merry christmas then. =)

  2. Thanks. I hope for that as well.

  3. I suppose you mean the presents and turkey dinners and awful Christmas music, and Santa Claus.

    Coz if you're talking about Jesus I have a bone to pick with you =P

  4. You know exactly what I meant, jie. ;) You of all people! Haha..

    It involves a fat man in a red suit, who is corrupting children and whole families about how a commercialized holiday is a lot better than what it was meant for.

    I am, and will always be, a great fan of the great teacher that is Jesus. :) I merely wish not to be tangled up in "religion". :P