Saturday, 27 December 2008

Reading Crichton and Pelzer

I bought a new book, Jurassic Park, by the late techno-thriller genius Michael Crichton, and Gayle is currently reading My Story, by Dave Pelzer, and when we have new reads, we go to Coffee Bean. :D

Finding CB at Midtown is really a blessing. Starbucks here in Manila is way too over-rated, and is increasingly getting more populated by rowdy crowds. :( Not exactly a place to mull over a novel.

Ah.. That book was awesome! I'm definitely going to get the sequel, The Lost World. I cannot believe I put off reading that book for such a long time!



  1. I've read both JP and The Lost World a few years back. Mum gave them to me as Christmas presents.

    I missed/intentionally skipped a family dinner/reunion, thanks to those 2 books. Haha.

    Oh the sweet life of a book worm. Haha.

  2. I know exactly how you feel, bro. :)
    Oh, I bought The Lost World an hour ago. :D I'm a fifth in already.

    Oh hey, Louie (THE Louie) has offered to coach Skittlez. :D I almost fell off my chair! :D I'm so excited bro.

  3. I love those books!

    And no, its not the dinosaurs that made me read them. =P

    I'm Ross. hahaha!

  4. Really? Great! We gonn'be under one "tatay" then. Haha. Team building, perhaps? It sure with be fun meeting all of you :)

    He'll be working in Manila din kasi, so he'll be spending less time with us starting January, I think.

    Dude, I lost your number (again). Haha. Send me a message na lang if it ain't askin' much. Haha.

  5. Joe: Whatever you say, I'm sure it was the dinosaurs! :P

    Chris: LOL man. How do you 'lose' a number? :P Aight I'll text you now.

    Yeah. I'm so looking forward to be under his wing. :D

  6. Dude, I can't believe you waited this long either. What do you mean by 'late'? He's dead?! =/

    Read 'Sphere' and 'Timeline' by Crichton if you haven't already. I'll hit you over the head with my very heavy chem eng textbook if you refuse.

  7. Yeah, he died in November. :( Long and private battle against cancer.

    You cannot hit me over the head with your very heavy chem engineering textbook. I will hit you over the head with my very thick American Government textbook for forgetting that you lent me your Timeline 2 years ago! :P Hahahahaha!! Nice to know you love me too. :P

    I will buy "Sphere" when I have extra cash. :P I have to get a lot of textbooks for Uni! :(

  8. Hey, it's because I love you that I hit you over the head if you refuse sensible sugges - erm, demands. Hahaha.

    Oops. I did, didn't I? Lol.

    Textbooks are expensive =( fortunately, my department gave me a 500 pound book voucher to buy all my textbooks with!

    "Sphere" is awesome, you will love it.

    I will post a pic of my very heavy chem eng textbook on my blog to let you see later =P

  9. Haha, yes, you know I rarely say no to your "suggestions". What can little brothers do, against the mighty persuasive powers of big sisters? *sigh* LOL.

    500 pounds' worth of a book voucher?? Wow! We have a 'buy-back' book thingy here though, where we can purchase cheaper (read: pirated) copies of the tomes we need. I'm not kidding when I use the word 'tome'. They look like the Gutenberg Bible. Fat, thick, dominating.