Friday, 5 December 2008

In Loving Memory, Hannah Nawan

The Chicken Board misses you.
We love you.

Hannah Nawan
August 19, 1988 - December 5, 2005



  1. i want to be as strong as you about losing someone. i'm sure she is very proud on you on how much you have achieved so far. =)

  2. I hope so. :P

    Hanns is one of the smarter ones in our prefect board. She got 8As in SPM. Final day of SPM was December 2, and she passed away on December 5. It's just a pity that she never knew her achievements.

    Then again, maybe it doesn't really matter. She's touched so many people with the Hannah Nawan Foundation (I believe her parents set it up, and it's a Christian ministry thing).

    Take care. :)