Wednesday, 31 December 2008

As The Year Ends

Wow. 2008 is over. 4 hours to go, and a new calendar year starts.

As the year ends, I look at my blog - the stories I've told, the pictures I've posted, the thoughts and feelings I've shared - and I wonder at how I matured in 2008. I reckon not much, but significantly so. This year, more than any other in my life, has seen the best ups of my life.

In the beginning of the year, I decided to be with someone special who has been the rock of my existence here in the Philippines. <3 I learned so much from her, from commuting, to treating people better, to a new language, and to always keep humility at my side.

In the summer holidays, I experienced going for a holiday with absolutely no one to rely on but myself, planning everything, booking the hotels and tickets, and financing most of the costs. The independence was amazing.

In the first term of this school year, I proved myself right; that a student can both be an excellent scholar while also submerging himself (excellently too) in co-curricular activities. I received Second Honors and had the honor of representing De La Salle University with Animo Squad.

Second term was no less blessed. With my family and friends of Skittlez Crew, we managed to win, hands down, the championship of Remix08 dance competition. To have gone through so many conflicts, fights, and altercations, and yet surface as a team held together by love for each other, was amazing.

And after four hard months of work, I have finally achieved clear definition around my mid-section. I believe they are called 'abs'? LOL.

Christmas was beautiful, and I'm glad I had someone very special to spend it with. <3

Now, a new year approaches, and I can only look forward to more blessings, more victories both in my academics and athletics, better time with family and friends, and another beautiful year here in the Philippines.

To all my friends and family: Nothing else but thank you.



  1. i like the last one. you really worked hard for it. =)
    congratulations, babe! =)
    and thanks for a wonderful 2008 with you! <3 i also learned so much from you.

    happy new year! =)

  2. Thanks babe. :D <3
    Yeah, you know how much I danced to get that kind of definition. :P

    Here's to another wonderful year! :D