Monday, 15 December 2008

Business Attire, His and Hers

Gayle and I, hanging out in Yuchengco Lobby, after our business attire days. Note that I went a little casual. :) I don't want to look too uptight, y'know.

I think I look a lot better now, with more definition, and looking a lot fitter. :P But that's what I think. :P



  1. Dear Jay

    You do look very trim and fit. Good for you! For as long as you feel good about yourself, you're better than OK. Gayle looks good as always.

    Love-- MUM and POPS

  2. Thanks, Auntie. =D

    Jay is fishing....... =P
    Remember when we bought that button-down polo it was tight on you? =))
    You are so thin now esp. your waist line! grrrrr =( you are tabaching no more =(

  3. Mum: Thanks Mum. :) I worked hard for that! Ahaha.. And yes, Gayle will never put on any weight.

    Gayle: No I'm not. :P Yeah, it was a little tight, but now it fits so well! :D

    I'm not thin yet. :P Soon. ;)

  4. you look great~!

    don't get too skinny tho. skinny is a no no on men. no matter what the tabloids say.

    btw, that's a great shirt. love the rib details.

  5. Tina: Tina!!! :D Great to see you on my blog. Yeah, it is a great shirt. Gayle helped me shop for it. Ahaha.. Cost a bomb though.

    Don't worry, for me, skinny guys = weak guys. :)