Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Skittlez at CBE Oscars

College of Business and Economics of De La Salle University Oscar's.
Nicotina Bar and Restaurant
March 14, 2008.

For this performance, we officially welcome Jessica Villena, Jake Go, and Gayle Penaranda in the Skittlez family. Welcome to your very first gig with us.

The crew in the dressing room.

Some nice Italian food.

After the dance.

The dance.
Choreography by Brent Chua (White Skittle).
Video by Maebel Chan of Green Media Group.

I am in the white hoodie by the way.
Skittlez Chyeah!



  1. nice site jay! hahaha! thanks for welcoming me into the family bro! =)

  2. im proud o' you guys! and the new members, welcome to the fam :) - matt

  3. love the dance! wants the italian food!

  4. Jake: Welcome to Skittlez bro. =) I hope you pick a color real soon. I take you up to the battle call-out you sent me last Saturday okay? =)

    Matt: Bro! We miss your Krumping man. One day, we gotta reunite the original crew!

    Tabs: Thanks! =) Yeah, the food was good.

  5. nice! really wanted to see a routine n u finally posted one! good job! :D