Monday, 3 March 2008


High-end open center mall Serendra located at Fort Bonifacio Global City.
Beautiful places, especially with cute little (and sometimes not so little) dogs running around with clothes on. Why would people put clothes on dogs, I have not figured it out yet.

As usual.. Another outing with Gayle. =)

A sweet moment.

C2C. <3 And I couldn't resist making faces. LOL.


Serendra's dog plaza. I don't know what it's really called but people walk their dogs here. So, yeah, dog plaza. LOL. Notice the giant white bear shadow.


Little Ms Tiny vs Fat Ass White Bear.

My favorite building in Serendra. Nike Park.

A little lost doggie. =(

Fun fun evening. =)



  1. aww poor doggie. if it was a pug i would've asked you to kidnap it for me already. =D

  2. i just realize your hair looks some how different. i like it like that. nice. haha

  3. Hey Tabs. Thanks for the comments. =) The dog was a miniature something. I'm not really sure. The owner ended up finding it again so it was all good. It was SOOOO cute!

    Thanks. =) I like my hair too. ROFL.

  4. too bad it wasn't a pug.. grrr... lol

  5. Knowing you, it would be in a crate freighted to Kuching by now. ROFL.