Sunday, 16 March 2008

TAPAT Victory

A minor comeback from my hiatus.
My political party at La Salle has won the vast majority of positions in the FAST 2008 General Elections. Vote Straight! Vote TAPAT!

The Student Council Executive Board:

Nicole Villarojo

Vice President of Activities
Inah Garcia

Vice President of Operations
Gretch Santos

Vice President of Academics
Aimee Chua

Greggy Chua

Executive Secretary
Chichi Tullao

A near-clean sweep.
Congratulations to all College Assembly Presidents, Batch Representatives, and Legislative Assembly people from Alyansang TAPAT sa Lasallista who won.



  1. 13th pic with coyi? she looks like a siraulo gal. haha---aldz

  2. ohh shit i commented on the wrong lazy na jay to comment on the other. lol.-aldz

  3. You can be really stupid sometimes bro. =P

  4. What does Tapat think of this thread?

    Land must NEVER be given to Sumilao Farmers

    If I were San Miguel Corporation I would not give any square inch of land to these Sumilao Farmers even if they walk all the way to Antartica. There should be no free lunch in this world. You want land? Work for it! Besides, these Sumilao Farmers are not business savvy and would not make optimal use of the land the way San Miguel Corporation would.

    These Ateneo and La Salle students (not all of them support those schmucks, I have friends who are Ateneans and Lasallians) who support these Sumilao Farmers are so hypocritical. They even use these Sumilao Farmers as exhibits for their Student Council campaigns claiming they have genuine concern for them. OH PUHLEAAZE GIVE ME A BREAK! If they are so concerned about the poor, then they should forego of their expensive education, ipods, laptops, digital cameras, cars, mall gimmicks, debuts and just give them all away to these Sumilao Farmers. That's what they want right? Rich giving away their rightfully earned money to the poor? If you benefit from the capitalist system wherein the RICH who are RISK TAKERS AND HARD WORKERS reap their rewards and the poor become poor, then just STFU already!

    Let Darwinism make The Philippines a better nation. If the Sumilao Farmers can't afford to buy land then TOUGH LUCK. Let them whither away and may their breed cease spawning. People like Lucio Tan, Henry Sy and John Gokongwei had to endure hard work, deferred dreams and took risks to get where they are and NEVER thought that the world owes them anything if they walk barefoot and try their best to be objects of pity. I don't feel sorry for these Sumilao Farmers. They are despicable.