Monday, 10 March 2008

Miss Philippines 2008

She won the Best in Long Gown.
She won the Best in Swimsuit.
She's beautiful and sexy.

And then.. She opens her mouth.
(Keep in mind that she won and will represent the Philippines in the Miss World 2008).

Now, don't wonder why the world makes fun of Philippines and Filipinos when the best we can send is rubbish like this.




    Sooo sad. :(
    Worse than *******n and that poor Ms. America candidate combined. :((
    Can't believe she won! :((

  2. I know. =(
    It really saddens me.

  3. oh good Lord why.

    she didnt answer the question at all. how could she have won?

  4. HUH?!

    is the word stamped on my forehead while watching that.

    seriously, why????

  5. nyay=/
    kakahiya.... tsktsk

  6. Rae: Your guess is as good as mine. It's crazy. I don't want to speculate but she probably did 'stuff' to win. *sigh*

    Joe: Pare, hindi ko alam. =/ Nakakahiya lang. *sigh* And to think she will represent us in Miss World 2008. Haynako.

    Gayle: Sobra. =(


    Why she wins the Fagent?

    She hab da nerd to talk in the englis language wid the wrong englis subject.

    She is so thick (kapal) to say she are confidents.

    But she can come to my house and wash my cloths coz she speak like my maid.


  8. omg.... (sorry.. i'm so sorry... i'm so sorry)

  9. Paul: I know exactly what you mean. It's embarrassing..

    Tabs: That's an understatement.

  10. It does not mean that you are not intelligent if you don't know how to speak English well. Say that to the Japanese, the Koreans and the Germans. Give her a break, she is only 17. She said in one of her interviews that she's willing to learn.

  11. it's not her bad english that is really disappointing to me. it's the way she attacked the question thrown at her and how she tried hard (and failed) to appear "intelligent". she didn't answer the question. kahit na siguro tinagalog niya yun she wouldn't come up pa rin with a sensible and "intelligent" answer. oh well.

  12. So what if she doesn't know the English language that much? She's not American anyway... She's a Filipina, and English was never her national language!!! Ask her that question in Tagalog, if she answers the same way then she deserves all the bad comments thrown at her!...

  13. Ay naku palpal!! why she won the contest. Hindi siya marunong sumagot.!!!!!! Advice to her study English before the Miss world para hindi ka mapalpal ulit!!!Or sumagot na lang siya ng tagalog.

  14. Educated Filipinos living in their native land speak better english then this one that won the pageant...How sad!!!! Were the judges drinking and on medication? They have to be to vote for her? Goodness!!! Please educated filipinos speak well in Tagalog and English so to all of you who back her up think again....

  15. Anonymous 1: No, I refuse to give her a break. She entered a pageant knowing that the possible winner will represent the Philippines. It's not the language of the answer that pisses me off, it's the content. It meant nothing. So what if she's 17? 12 year old girls can answer that properly.

    Babes: Who is this? LOL. Yeah, in Malay we call that 'bodoh sombong'. It's like being arrogant about your intelligence when in reality you're dumb.

    Anonymous 2: Refer to answer to Anonymous 1.

    Anonymous 3: Not just English. She needs to study a lot more common sense too.

    Anonymous 4: I agree very much with you. I believe she is unworthy to represent the Philippines. I am very certain that there are young ladies far more beautiful and intelligent than her in this country. The result was unacceptable for me.

  16. What a shame.....

  17. Very much so.
    What's your name Anonymous?

  18. imagine she will represent the Philippines to the world!!!!! WaaaaaH!!! Nakakahiya!

  19. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.
    If you would go to the original YouTube post, you would see that a lot of Filipinos are having a merry uproar about this horrible injustice to the Filipino people.

    We deserve so much better than this.

  20. "Video not found."

    I'm too late, it seems.

  21. What are the criteria for winning this particular competition? Who are the judges who put this person in the hotseat? We redicule the person who was crowned but I think there is a syndicate behind this..dont you think? those judges got to be smarter than an average person with an intricate way of determining winners prescribed by rules and regulations. I think we should look at the people who were called in to judge and not just the person who was judged. We have plenty, I mean like in millions of smart and beautiful Filipinas that are very qualified for this prestigous competition..

  22. Nicole: Just refresh page. =)

    Anonymous: I did some research and guess what? The interview was only 10% of the total score. Seeing as she won 2 major titles within the competition already, her horrid interview barely scratched her overall score.

    Sad but true.

  23. dapat sisihin ang mga teacher nito sa english... ilang taon nga ang english subject sa RP school system... taun-taon yata may english subject mula kinder hanggang HS pati sa college tapos ganito ang resulta... as for her, my 2 cents... get an interpreter sa Miss World.

  24. It will be very embarrassing.
    In international pageant history, the Philippines has never required an interpreter. =/