Wednesday, 5 March 2008

FAST 2008 Day 2

Day 2 of campaigning for my political party here in school, Alyansang TAPAT sa Lasallista or Tapat for short..
I was the flag bearer. =) Ahaha..

Tapat's colors: Orange, Red, or Black.

The Executive Board with a campaign speech in my classroom.

Greggy Chua, Gretch Santos, Nicole Villarojo, Chichi Tullao, Inah Garcia.

Chichi Tullao, Inah Garcia, Anil Ratanchandani.

Here are the Batch and Legislative Assembly Representatives rehearsing their lines.

Ara Ocson, Erwin Sy, Tats Mendoza, on-looker.

Vero Zamesa, Ara Ocson.

My blockmate and friend, Ara Ocson, for Legislative Assembly.

Erwin Sy and Tats Mendoza, for Batch Representatives.

Let's all wear orange on Wednesday, 5th of March, 2008.

Vote straight TAPAT!
Vote Straight! Vote TAPAT!
Vote for a Just and Free Society!


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