Sunday, 11 November 2007


Ultimate Floormaster's Championship 3

So yeah, why would I be coming to a pure breakdance event (knowing I've stopped since 2003 due to an unfortunate injury)? To support my boys and girls from Southside New Breed of course! The night started super slow.. But once it gained momentum.. I got 3 letters for ya: O.M.G.

^ Caution. Not battling, piss off.

^ The battle ground.

^ A Skittle and all Southside New Breed.

^ With Drew, Nica, and Maicah of New Breed.

^ What an honor. With Jmastah, the pioneer of breakdance in the Philippines. We both have the same nickname, so it's a little confusing when we're together and someone calls out "Jay". LOL.

^ With Bboy ICE. His moves are damn sick. There was a battle where he did SIX poses in one combo, and I was screaming like a stuck pig. Well, the whole crowd was.

^ Drew and I caught mocking Nica in "Ice! Isa pa?" *laughs*

^ With DX. And he's being DX.

^ Southside New Breed Crew. The back: Maicah, DX, Joey, Drew, Cris. Front: Casey and Lane.

One heck of a show.


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