Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Torch and The Pen

Well not literally a torch.. But it has something to do with the phrase.
Today, Decky, our Skittlez leader, has auditioned and has been accepted into the La Salle Dance Company (LSDC) Street Crew. One of their policies is that you cannot join another crew outside LSDC.

Ergo, Skittlez is going to lose (obviously figuratively) a member.
Along with Matt, who will be graduating.
And possibly Kevin, who will be running to be an organization president next term.

I've been assigned by the Decky-man to carry the torch and bring Skittlez forward, be the leader both in prayer, in friendship, and in the love of dance. Of course, like everything else that I do, I will do my best.

Skittlez, next year's Remix. I'm going to be in it from the get-go.
One passion. One love. Chyeah.

Congratulations also to DX of Southside (and ex-Skittle) for making it through with Decky. I hope and wish you guys the best in your dancing.

Also, I applied for an on-the-spot investigative writing competition next January.
It involves interviewing, taking down notes, and being observant
Now, what was my Sleuth ranking? #3 in Novice? #5 in Journeyman? *grins*
I have a feeling I'll do well in that one.

Wish me luck, in my dance and in my writing.

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