Sunday, 4 November 2007


Another rant slash complaint but more to rant about Friendster bulletins.

I cannot help but notice that a lot of people spend countless minutes of their lives reposting and forwarding absolutely useless rubbish through the Friendster bulletin board. The bulletin board is supposed to be for putting up notices right? Well.. "Supposedly". I mean, these new 'Friend's Bulletins' really irritated me enough to merit a post in The Jason's blog.

Exhibit A
Subject: How To Kiss Someone During a Movie
You have just been visited by MATT. I
will grant you one wish. Make your
wish when the count down is over.
repo st this with the title " HOW TO
KISS DURING A MOVIE[cute] " to throw
people off.... within 2 minutes. If
you do, your wish will come true. If
you don't, it will become the opposite

Did you know? before you go to sleep
at night there is one person thinking
of you. They want you they want to
kiss you, They want to be with you

I mean, W.T.F.??? Who would actually believe rubbish like that? Matt? Aren't there more fairy-tale-ish names out there? What a load of senseless rubbish. Take this next one.

Exhibit B
Subject:AlerT iN mId VaLLey!!
Dear All,

I am sending this out as to alert
everybody regarding this Incidence
that happened to me last Saturday when
I was in Mid Valley.

Just beware, it happened to me & might
happen to you as well...

I was in Mid Valley making my way to
Coffee Bean to meet up my friend
there. There was this Indian guy, aged
around 30, well dressed & looked
decent, coming to my way right in
front of Body Shop & greeted me, "Hai,
Miss , you look happy but recently you
have been working too hard... Probably
you should stop pushing yourself too
much & relax a bit.."

Usually, my way would be to brush him
off & thinking that he is "chi sin" -
crazy. But that day, unusually, I
stopped & listened to him, allowing
him to continue with his lines for
about a minute. Some how or rather,
fortunate ly I suddenly felt that
something is not right & immediately
turn back & move away from the spot.

When I had made my may to Coffee Bean,
after sitting down for a few minutes,
I felt very dizzy & sleepy. It took me
about half an hour to recover while
sitting there. Then , I recalled this
Indian guy had a strong fragrance
smell with him while he was talking to
me. I do not know how he did it but I
was nearly trapped.

Something similar happened to one of
my friends in KLIA before but I never
expected it to happen in a busy place
like Mid Valley. May be our mothers
are right, do not talk too strangers
but they forget to tell us, NOT TO
Please pass this to your friends
around you to keep them alert of this.

Oh right, now if that was not a racist post, I do not know what is. Come on! Grow up! Must these 'real stories' be forwarded? I thought your mother taught you about strangers when you were 6? The person who reposted this is freaking 19! Get a bit of common sense. Maybe you wouldn't seem so stupid? But nothing beats chain messages like the next one.

Exhibit C
Subject: I LOVE My Boyfriend
have 200
seconds to repost this or your dad
will die, in a crash and your mom will
kill Herself in about 24 hours. only
say one
1.I have a boyfriend now
3. I want a boyfriend
4.I like someone
5.We broke up for sure
6.I am single
7.I LOVE my boyfriend.
8.I LOVE my girlfriend
9.I'm ugly
10.I miss my boyfriend
11.I miss my girlfriend
12.I want my guy because some chick
13.His cinderella
14.Her Prince Charming
15.I Miss somebody I like
16.We did it last night
17.My bestfriend!
18.BI TCH!
19.He is so HOT
20.She is so HOT
21.I Want My ex-boyfriend Back
22.I Want MY ex-girlfriend Back

It's flame time. People who repost rubbish like this deserve to take a wet fish and slap themselves on the face for lacking common sense, being stupidly superstitious, being dumb as a bag of barf, having no sense of intuition, and being downright gullible. Come on!! Are the teenagers/young adults of this world suffering IQ loss at a preposterous scale? This is so unbelievable it's stupid.

Could we finally have some real bulletins?

I would like to commend my friends for posting real bulletins like those noting dance workshops, events, or recent news. Thank God these people's IQ have not dropped 30 points every 18 minutes.



  1. that's the tone of an irritated friendster user. *lol*

    but I noticed that on the bulletin board. that's why I rarely use it. hahaha

  2. LOL yeah bro. It's just really irritating. *grr* If only you could mass someone in RL. =P