Saturday, 17 November 2007

Green Cohesion

Friday night, another La Salle party as ANIMOISM launches their new clothes line.
Isn't it awesome that my school has designers designing clothes for the La Salle student? It's not only cool, it's bangin'! *grins*

Party was at NBC Tent, The Fort, Taguig City.

^ Green cohesion.

^ Yes, smoke machines suck.

^ The boys! Homeboys Carlos (striped) and Ferdie (ANIMOISM shirt), and new friend Vic (von Dutch hoodie).

^ OJ, Simon, Ferdie, Carlos.

^ Alex, Patet, Ferdie, Carlos.

^ With Patet (who is super adorable) and Alex.

Party up? *smiles*



  1. you're so short!!
    von dutch is so "2005" :(

  2. You're not exactly tall yourself girl. =P LOL, he's the first one I've seen who's worn VD since I was in high school. (I feel ancient)