Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A Day of Happiness

Jason is one happy dude.

Morning, Anthropology class. I had a talk with my professor and it turns out there are extra credit classes I can attend! Though it clashes with another subject of mine, I am pretty good at that particular subject AND we have a cool teacher who would almost certainly let me off once in a while so I can attend that extra credit class.

English Communication class. Glad to have written a pretty solid draft for tomorrow's essay. Not a bad day so far.

Lunch time. Got to have lunch with ENGLCOM blockmates. Only regret, should have taken pictures. Discovered Ria's scandalous drunken moment. *feigns shock*

Afternoon. Favorite class, International Relations. Persuaded Aldz to sit in my class where he almost died of sleepiness. *whacks Aldz' head* Anyway, it has lots of History, and recently it's all about the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church, the Holy Roman Empire, and monarchies. Now, my dear sister Nicole would tell anyone, challenge Jay on these topics and he would give you enough butt-whipping to last an entire 24 years, 3 months, and 33 days. *grins* Oh well, I tore up the class as usual. *grins even wider* In the wise words of Ferdie, "Jay, how the hell do you know these things, you smart ass??" Honestly? Play Medieval: Total War. It's a good game.

Volleyball. I was on linesman duty again and had an awesome time complaining and bickering with our coach. *laughs* He's a cool fella. Anyway, my team lost again on the second round. At least, I was happy that my service is getting a lot better, almost perfect.

For The Kids 2008. I volunteered to be a 'kuya' ('abang' in Malay, 'punching bag' in English) in the charity program of La Salle. Basically, on 20 January 2008, we will have these special kids come over from different centers and have a mini Olympics at our football field. As I was signing up, I can't quite believe that there aren't that many Lasallians who were signing up. Shame on you buggers. Anyway, my kid's name is Joven Santiago and I chose him specifically because he has Down's Syndrome. I don't know why, but those kids have a special spot in my heart.

TO ALL LASALLIANS. Sign up. Remember our creed. Religio, Mores, et Cultura.

Tomorrow. Dance session at Yuchengco, 1130am until after University Break.
Dance. Good.

Jason is very happy.



  1. I'm sooo glad you're happy. What's the eternal rule? Be happy whatever you do. If you're happy about yourself, you'll always be happy with and about other people.

    Now THAT's my boy!! I miss you a lot... MUM

  2. Sorry -- I forgot to type MUM. I ended up as "anonymous" I don't like it!

    It's freezing here!! gggrrrr....