Thursday, 1 November 2007

Skittlez Victory

Skittlez, sorry I'm late by almost a week in posting this. *grins*

Congratulations to my crew and family for winning 3rd place in the Remix 2007! We practiced like hell for months and we danced not to win, but to build our friendship and show that with God, we can do whatever we put our minds to.

United by one passion. Dancing.
United by one love. Friendship.
Glory to our one choreographer. God.

A crew built on friendship, trust, and faith.
This is only the start of the journey guys. We'll have so much more in our time together in La Salle. We're the only crew with so much individual talent, with experienced battle dancers of so many different styles. We have krump, hiphop, pop and lock, liquid pop, breakdancing, booty shaking, shuffling, and technical dancing. How can we not be Skittlez?

^ With the trophy.

^ With DX (ex-Skittle and currently a breakdancer for SouthSide New Breed Crew), Aldz (Skittlez' breakdancer), and Mico (LSDC Crew breakdancer).

^ Aldz, Kevin, Matt, Fabie.

^ Breakdance, a trophy, and liquid pop.

For the only crew that ends everything with prayer.
Skittlez, chyeah on three.


For the dance, please type "Skittlez Remix Finals" in YouTube.



  1. Hey Jay!
    Remix was one heck of an experience :)

    I had a good birthday! Thank you guys! :D

  2. Hey Nica. :) Yeah, it sure brought us all closer together.