Friday, 9 November 2007

La Salle Band Fever

What a Wednesday.

In conjunction with the Pride Against Prejudice week, and sponsored by MYX, three prime Filipino bands were invited at my school, De La Salle, to perform a 1 hour and a half concert. There was also a fashion show but unfortunately I didn't really get many pictures from that.

Many thanks to Liz for taking the pictures with my camera while I was having a dance session at Yuchengco Lobby.

In order of personal preference (least to most).


I'm not much of a fan hence the relatively few pictures.

The Dawn.

^ They were alright. Veteran rockers.

Of course, my personal favorite (I've been a fan since Rico days).

Alright alright.. The fashion show now.
I only have a couple of pictures, but I must say that I really like this shirt.

I gotta say it again.
I love this school.

I did mention that I was at Yuchengco lobby right..?
I had a battle with Fabieoulous.
In the words of Brent of LSDC Crew, "This is you *points at shoe* and this is Fab *points at a spot on the ground and stomps on it*". Well.. Something like that.

Bring it on. I've got more disses than Henry's got missus.


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