Sunday, 26 February 2012

Kick the Habit 2 - Result and Discussion

The run against smoking concluded earlier today with a late morning start (as compared with other races) and an amazing personal experience.

10k in 1:01 hours, bib #1918

The run was held in ULTRA stadium, in Pasig City. Getting there was a little troublesome since the general commuting methods - trains - were still unavailable. The location was also quite far from the usual run venues (BGC, McKinley, Mall of Asia, etc.). Anyway, the race was an important milestone in my running career as it was my first 10k.

I didn't manage to register beforehand, and I was glad there was on-site registration. For the PHP 500.00 registration fee, one received a running jersey and a bib. The jersey proved to be unfriendly for long runs, as I am currently nursing a chafe on my left arm (from rubbing against the material).

The race itself started on time, at 6:00am. This was quite a late gun-start so thankfully, I brought my heavily-tinted shades, which proved to be a wise decision as glare became a problem around 6:30am. One thing I didn't expect at all was the amount of uphill sections in Pasig. Some were really steep, and by the third km, my left shin was hurting pretty bad. I eased off a little, and the pain eventually went away.

Water stations were weirdly placed, in my opinion. There was one at around 1/3 of the way.. and none until the 7th or 8th km. It was a little tough around 2/3 of the way, due to there being no hydration stations in the middle of the 10k route. With the crazy uphill sections, this was much harder than my McKinley runs.

All in all, I had fun, plus I ran with one of the pace coaches from the ARC Running Club! :) It's nice to see a familiar face, for a change. This race definitely set the bar for future 10ks and for my 2012 marathon training.

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