Monday, 6 February 2012

Live the Day as if it was the First

Just a while ago, my colleague gave me some bad news the minute I stepped into our office. One of our co-workers, from another office, passed away last night.

No illness, no weakness in the body or the mind preempted his death.
I suppose this is why we are in a state of terrible surprise and shock right now.

It's a sobering thing, learning of someone's death, especially if the method was as sudden as it was unexpected. The first thing I thought of was something I read some time ago; "live not as if every day was your last, but rather as if it was your first". I agree with this. For me, living every day as if it was our last means we are dreading an end, expecting something we don't want to happen to, well, happen. My co-worker passed on with no warning, and I believe that he at least went to his final goodnight not thinking about the negativity and sadness that one associates with death. I believe that he went to bed on his last night alive just looking forward to tomorrow; as if it was his first.

We all mourn the loss of this soft-spoken fellow. It's never easy to lose someone we're familiar with, whether that person is a friend or a mere acquaintance. I pray that his soul is at rest, and that his family receives all the support we can muster. 

Rest in peace, man.

"Death is the condition of higher and more fruitful life"
- E. H. Chapin, Living Words


  1. Yup, very sudden and very unfortunate. I learned that he was helping send his younger siblings to school too :(