Sunday, 29 January 2012

Rainbow Run - Result

Congratulations to the organizers, Pep Squad, for an amazingly fun event!

5k in 29:00, bib #0922

One thing I enjoyed about this run was the fact that it wasn't very crowded. The gun-start of the different distance classes were spaced very evenly and this ensured - for the most part - that runners weren't ending up in big, crowded clusters. There were also a ton of water stations all along the route, which I'm sure many runners appreciated. McKinley Hills' intense elevation variations drained a lot of the participants - I heard a lot of groaning and complaining at uphill approaches! - but it was a great challenge for me, especially as I was very ill on that day. As this run was for the LGBTF (the F stood for "and Friends") community, I invited my former gymnastics coach, Coach Ajjie, to join me. We've been running buddies all month, and this was his first race of the year. We posted a pretty good placing (I was #32, he was #33) considering we started a whole five minutes behind the 5k gun-start!

All in all, Rainbow Run was a great race. The pick-up-as-you-go-along system for the Finisher's Kit/Goodie Bag was also a nifty idea, and we went home with nice loot.


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