Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The 10 People to Show Appreciation to this Valentine's

It's that time of the year again. The 'love month'. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, let's also take the time to show our love and appreciation to people who mean more to us than we think. So pick up your phone, send a text - or even call, just to say and remind them that they're very much appreciated. Plus points if a small but significant gift is included!
  • Parents
  • Grandparents (or a quick prayer if they've passed on)
  • Favorite uncle/aunt
  • A single cousin (as in, unattached)
  • Favorite teacher
  • The best friend
  • A sibling (especially the unattached one)
  • An inspirational mentor/role model
  • Parents of a friend who always take care of us
  • A friend you've lost contact with

It's not always just about two people sharing a fancy dinner in a candle-lit restaurant, or going on a romantic getaway together. Sometimes, 'love' is also about giving a simple 'thank you' to someone - anyone - who may have changed our lives, even a tiny bit, for the better.

P.S. For the next 2 weeks, a person will either:
a) plan a date
b) find a date
c) hate this date

How about just forgetting the date, and treasure our loved ones for the three hundred and sixty-six days this year, and not just the one day in February :)


  1. I'll be planning a date.... with my housemates ;)

    (Also, update my blog link!)

  2. That's awesome! Okay, updating :)