Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ashton Taxi Driver - An Anecdote on Goodness

I occasionally have some choice words about many a taxi driver in Manila, but I was pleasantly surprised today experiencing what I can only describe as human goodness - especially when one least expects it.

I went to Makati City for a couple of appointments (which were very good appointments, may I add) and was generally having a good day. I flagged a cab home and went back to my place in Taft Avenue, Manila.

I was halfway home - I usually walk once I reach Taft Avenue proper; it's only a few minutes to my condominium - when I realized I did not have my house keys. Horrible feeling. I must have left it in the cab! I walked around a bit, silently trying to accept the fact that I was going to have to spend some money breaking open my condo lock and knob, and installing a new set, when I saw a familiar vehicle.

The driver of Ashton Taxi (registration number UVT 734, white Toyota Vios) headed towards me, jangling something shiny. He drove around Taft Avenue for fifteen minutes, backtracking where he dropped me off just so he could return my keys to me. Do you know what that means for a taxi driver in Manila, to spend a quarter of an hour hoping to find a previous passenger?

The chosen of weapon of Kindness today. Totally works.
Sometimes, the human spirit is just so damn amazing.

Image from this blog, retrieved on February 4, 2012.


  1. Manila taxi driver you were says,you surprised today.Only not you Also I am surprised for experiencing what you can only describe as human

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