Monday, 20 February 2012

Jean Moreau et Fils Syrah

A J. Moreau et Fils review on their Syrah vin de table. 

Jean Moreau et Fils Syrah ('07)

This Syrah was deep red in color and its scents hinted of currants with slight hint of plum. A hint of spice was present too. For a Syrah, it was relatively on the sweeter side, and featured a good acidic balance. It was very slightly 'hot' on the palate, suggesting a high alcohol content. Medium-bodied wine. Soft tannins, but still noticeable. Short finish with slightly peppery aftertaste.

  • Winery - Jean Moreau et Fils
  • Country - France
  • Region - Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Vintage - 2007
  • Varietal - Syrah (mostly)
  • Price - Approximately PHP 400.00 ($10.00) per bottle.

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