Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Move Aside, Facebook Freaks

I am in my university library's Cybernook now.

I am supposed to be writing up sources and references for our thesis paper's first chapter, and I had to line up rather long to get access to a computer.


Because there are a lot of unsympathetic and selfish idiots who feel it is their God-given right to use the campus facilities for Facebook games which - may I remind every university student in the world - are supposedly mainly for academic purposes.

I agree, not specifically for academic purposes, but if there are people lining up, holding books, research materials, and USB drives, kindly understand that these people are actually making use of their tuition payments to be productive.

I say ban Facebook on the campus computers.
This post has taken approximately 3 minutes to type, and there are four empty computer terminals around, so I am not shooting myself in the foot. :P


1 comment:

  1. I agreeeee. I've been a victim. I hope in this 2nd term more students would be sensitive to the academic need of using the cybernook over facebook+ing!!

    I can't entirely agree on banning Facebook on these campus computers though. :)