Sunday, 19 July 2009

Legpress, Anyone?

We have this 'workout log book' in the university gym. Every varsity group, Animo Green (our loud and proud pep squad) and my Animo White cheerdance squad has one, to monitor our fitness progress and programs.

Yesterday, I broke my own record on the legpress machine. I actually ran out of space on the machine to put weights.

Previous record: 420 lbs (12 repetitions) (190 kg)

New record: 470 lbs (12 repetitions) (213 kg)

I wanted to try 500 lbs for 6-8 repetitions, but there was no more space to place weight plates. I used ten weight plates weighing 45 lbs each, plus the natural weight of the leg bar of 21 lbs.

Keep in mind that I weigh 151 lbs (68 kg). LOL. I just legpressed three times my body weight. If that ain't sick, I don't know what is. :P
Now I have to work on squats, as our PTs said, the squat is the upgrade to the legpress.

Much thanks to our awesome trainers who encourage all of us when we're down, get all pissy when we skip the gym, and soothe and repair all our injuries, big and small.


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